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Enjoy a family getaway in the Nahmakanta Wilderness

Please Note: Chewonki’s Debsconeag Lake Wilderness Camps will be closed for the 2021 summer season due to Covid-19. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 



Chewonki’s rental cabins on Fourth Debsconeag Lake are situated in the heart of Maine’s North Woods on an exquisite chain of lakes and ponds that are permanently protected as an ecological reserve.

The cabins on Fourth Debsconeag Lake date back to the early 1900s and have all of the charm and beauty one would expect. This is a great setting for a family getaway or a family reunion.

Our small cluster of cabins and yurts sit at the base of a magnificent set of granite cliffs that rise 800 feet from the lake, surrounded by a mature forest of pine, spruce, hemlock, maple, and oak.

The camps (cabins) are the only buildings on an otherwise entirely protected shoreline that provides privacy, abundant wildlife, and endless opportunities for exploration.


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